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2024 Membership Applications Below

Click the box numbers below to learn more about becoming a member.

  • How do I become a member of the swim club?
    The Tenakill Swim Club is a non-profit private club available for Tenafly residents as well as families from surrounding towns. You do not need to be from Tenafly to become a member, and the rates are not different for non-Tenafly residents. You'll need to pay an annual membership by filling out the TSC Membership Form on this page. You can pay online with a credit card, or print the membership form and mail in a check.
  • How do I get my membership card?
    For the 2024 season, we are continuing to work with Pool Pass to help us with the process. The bar code on your card/pass will be scanned each time you enter the pool to ensure that we can follow health guidelines including contact tracing. If you forget your card you can give us your name and we can sign you in that way, but please try to remember your card as it saves time and makes things easier for our office staff. Once you have paid for membership, cards will be mailed to the address on your application. If you have your cards from the 2021, 2022, or 2023 seasons, you do not need to request new cards. If you are a new member or are requesting new cards, expect to receive your cards between 7-10 days after applying online, and around two weeks if you mailed an application and a check. If it has been longer than this, or you have any issues with your cards, please fill out this form, and under Community Name type Tenakill Swim Club.
  • What is the difference between membership, guest passes, and day passes?
    For more detailed information on guest passes and day passes click here. A membership is when you have paid an annual fee to become a member of the club. Members can enter by scanning their cards at the front desk. Members may enter at any time that the club is open and as many times a day as they wish. A guest pass is when a non-member is allowed to enter the club because they are coming with a member. Guests pay a one-time fee for the day and may remain in the club for as long as there is an adult member with them. There are two guess pass rates: one for children (5 and under) and seniors (60 and older), and one for ages 6-59. Children/seniors are $5 on the weekdays and $10 on the weekends, and everyone else is $10 on the weekdays and $15 on the weekends. Guest passes may be purchased day-of or in advance and if you are planning to purchase a lot we also sell cards worth $75 of guest passes for $70. A day pass is when a non-member is allowed to enter the club without a member. Day passes count for the whole day and are $50 for adults (18-59) and $35 for children and seniors (17- or 60+). Day passes should be purchased day-of but if that is not possible you can contact us to make a separate arrangement. Please note that Tenakill Swim Club is cash or check only. While we can accept credit cards for online membership applications, we do not have a scanner and cannot accept them in person. If you are planning on purchasing guest and/or day passes please plan accordingly!
  • What amenities does the club offer?
    The club has two pools, the main pool (120 feet long and 3-4.5 feet deep with an 8-11 foot deep end) and the kiddie pool (0.5-1.5 feet deep). Besides the pools, the club also offers summertime activities such as tetherball, ping-pong, Nok Hockey, basketball, and a playground, as well as food, drinks, and snacks at the Snack Shack. The club typically hosts certain members-only events throughout the summer including a viewing of the Tenafly 4th of July Fireworks as well as a barbecue on Member Appreciation Day. The club also offers opportunities for children to join the Tenakill Dolphins Swim and Dive Team as well as group and/or private lessons.
  • Tell me about your swim lessons.
    Group lessons are included in your membership dues and are available on a first come, first served basis. Please check with the office for exact days & times, and for sign-up sheets. Private lessons are available at an additional fee worked out with the individual instructor. Contact the front office or manager for additional information. For more information on swim lessons click here.
  • How do I redeem my bond?
    To resign your membership and redeem your bond there is a process of sending in a resignation letter and your original bond to: Tenakill Swim Club Attn: Membership Chairman PO Box 485 Tenafly, NJ 07670 Click the Bond Redemption FAQs pdf below for further details.
  • Can you tell me about the club's COVID policy?
    The TSC Board are working to continue to make Tenakill Swim Club a safe and enjoyable summer destination for you and your family. TSC continues to comply with all state and local COVID guidelines. We encourage you to refer to them if you have questions. Masks are not allowed in the pool. Pool capacity, including lap lanes, will operate in accordance with state and local COVID guidelines. If capacity becomes an issue, the club will institute lane reservations. Masks will not be required inside the club, however they are strongly suggested for unvaccinated or immunocompromised members. We also urge you to stay home if you or anyone in your household is ill.


Still have questions?

Please email us at or ask the staff at

the front desk after Opening Day.

Be sure to mention if you have any special circumstances.


Membership Types:



Single Member: $875

Couple: $1050

Family (only for immediate family living in the same house, adult children up to 25): $1275

Senior Single Member (age 62 and older): $700

Senior Couple (age 62 and older): $900


New Member Fee (one-time, non-refundable): $425

Guest Passes: Available for purchase at the front desk only. Payable by cash, check, or Zelle.

Day Passes: Available for non-members. $50 for adults, $35 for children (17-) and seniors (60+).

For more information on guest passes and day passes click here.

Bond Redemption information
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