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2023 Membership Applications Below

Click the box numbers below to learn more about becoming a member.


Still have questions?

Please email us at or ask the staff at

the front desk after Opening Day.

Be sure to mention if you have any special circumstances.


Membership types:

Single Member: $745

Couple: $900

Family (only for immediate family living in the same house, adult children up to 25): $1100

Senior Single Member (age 62 and older): $600

Senior Couple (age 62 and older): $770


Additional fees:

New member fee (one-time, non-refundable): $425


Guest passes: Available for purchase at the front desk only. Payable by cash or check.


Day Passes: Available for non-members. For pricing, please call or stop by the club (201) 905-4728.

Best stay-cation around!
Come, try us out.
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