Tenakill Dolphins Swim and Dive Team

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North Jersey Conference w/diving
  1. Cresskill
  2. Dumont
  3. Norwood
  4. Tenakill

Welcome to the home of the Tenakill Swim Club Dive and Swim Team. Our Dolphins are among the top ranked groups in Bergen County. The competitive program teaches fundamentals as well as advanced techniques. The team competes in the North Jersey Swim League and has fostered a tradition of winning while still adhering to a basic principle: Have fun!

Swim and Dive Team Registration is opening soon!

Swim Team
Coaches: Head Coach Marissa Ayvaliotis, Assistant Coach Stephanie Schiller

Dive Team
Coaches: Nicole Arfman, Ali Arfman

2017 Pre-season Swim Team Practice Schedule:
Will be three days per week, beginning Monday, June 12 through Friday, June 23.
They will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, following the schedule below:

5:00-5:30 for 5/6 year olds
5:30-6:15 for 7/8 & 9/10
6:15-7:00 for 11 & up

2017 Regular Swim Team Practice Schedule:
Regular practices will start Monday, June 26
Swim practice will be 5 days per week (M-F)

5:00-5:30 for 5/6 year olds
5:30-6:15 for 7/8 & 9/10
6:15-7:00 for 11 & up

2017 Dive Team Practice Schedule:
Dive practice will be 5 days per week (M-F) 4:00 - 5:00 pm


2017 Swim and Dive Meet Schedule:
Saturday Swim meets start at 9:00am with warmups at 8:30am.
Dive meets start at 4:00pm with warmups at 3:30pm.

Dive meets

Fri July 7 - Dumont @ Tenakill Dive
Tues July 11 - Dumont @ Creskill Dive
Fri July 14 - Tenakill @ Dumont Dive
Tues July 18 - Creskill @ Tenakill Dive
Fri July 21 - Cresskill @ Dumont Dive

Swim meets

Sat July 8 - Dumont @ Tenakill Swim
Wed July 12 - Dumont @ Creskill Swim
Sat July 15 - Tenakill @ Dumont Swim
Wed July 19 - Creskill @ Tenakill Swim
Sat July 22 - Creskill @Dumont Swim
Mon July 24 - Tenakill @ Saddle River Valley Swim

League Meet:

Sat July 29th Location TBA

County Meet:

July 31st - August 5 Location TBA




Good people, good fun, good sport...It's all right here at the Tenakill Swim Club.