Schedules and Events

2017 Events Date(s) Time(s) Notes
Opening Day Saturday, May 27 1pm - 8pm  
Memorial Day Weekend Sunday, May 28 Noon - 8pm  
  Monday, May 29 10am - 8pm  
Monday - Friday May 30 - June 21 4pm - 7pm  
Saturdays June 3 - June 17 10am - 8pm
Sundays June 4 - June 18 Noon - 8pm  
Last Day for Tenafly Schools Wednesday, June 21 1pm - 8pm  
After School Closes: Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm  
  Sunday Noon - 8pm  
Late Night and Dine-In Night Thursday 5pm - 9pm  
Dine-In Night Saturday 5pm - 8pm  
Raft Hours Sundays 12 noon - 1:30pm  
  Thursday 7pm - 8pm
Closing Day (Labor Day) Monday, September 4 10am - 6pm  
Kid's Night Saturday, July 22 6:30pm - 9:30pm  
Member Appreciation Day Sunday, Sept. 3    

Throughout the summer, the Club Manager will be organizing activities on each holiday. Some of the fun activities will include giant blocks of ice, penny diving and family relay races.  Please look for sign-up sheets to volunteer your time to help these activities and fun nights run smoothly to create great memories for us all.

All dates, events, and times are subject to change - please check the bulletin board and this website for updated information.

On Late Nights, all members are invited to enjoy their dinner poolside. All members must eat in the fenced area at the front of the club or the designate area inside the club. Picnic tables, chairs, umbrellas, and trash cans are provided.  At no time are glass containers allowed inside the swim club.


Good people, good fun, good sport...It's all right here at the Tenakill Swim Club.